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Every website owner wants visitors viewing their website to have a great experience. A large part of that experience is web site speed and performance. 

Studies how that websites that take more than 3-5 seconds to load lose website visitors. Also, in late 2017, Google started penalizes websites in search engine rankings for page speed (how fast a website loaded).

We optimize you website using a variety of industry standard tools and best practices. From site caching, image compression, reducing server response times, to minification and more, we can help your website load faster, which helps your visitors have a great experience.

Speeding Up Your Website

Here’s how we optimize your website to increase and keep more visitors on your website.

Image Optimization

We optimize all your images using lossless compression. This compresses your images without sacrificing quality. Any images you upload in the future will be auto-optimized as well.

Leverage Browser Caching

Browser caching allows visitors to see a regularly-updated saved version of your website. This is a faster-loading version of your website instead of having the entire site loaded.

Enable Compression

We enable Gzip compression from your server or from where your assets are being delivered. This means lower loading times and an overall faster website.

Optimize Mobile Experience

We ensure your website loads a responsive version for every kind of browser and windows resolution.


Remove Query Strings

URLs with a “?” are not cached by certain proxy caching servers or CDNS. This could mean a missed opportunity for increased speeds, so we optimize them.


Minify Javascript and CSS

We concentrate all scripts and styles, minify and compress them, add expiring headers, cache your website and move styles to the page head and scripts to the footer.

Render-Blocking Resources

We move JavaScript/CSS files, Font Awesome and Google Fonts code where they won’t affect the loading time of visual elements for your visitors.


Reduce Server Response Time

Many times slow websites stem from an inadequate server. If your hosting provider isn’t working for you, you can check out our managed WordPress hosting.


Weekly Reports

We provide weekly reports on backups, updates, security, uptime, and performance so you know exactly what’s going on with your WordPress site.

"I have chosen Series 5 Technology to build, maintain, my website, and when we need to, will update with new features to maximize my customer traffic. I have the highest regard in the professionalism and creativity in Series 5 Technology and highly recommend them. "

– Mike Birky

Tools We Use To Optimize Your Website


We use a variety of tools to optimize your website. For image compression we use the WP Smush Pro plugin from WPMUDEV.  They make several great plugins we use on our website.

For website caching and many other things, we use WP Rocket. This plugin helps optimize the performance of your website from top to bottom. 

Both of these plugins together, along with the other tools we use can cost a website owner over $800 a year. Just for the plugins. That’s great savings for our customers. 

Let us help make your WordPress website faster than ever, so your website visitors can have a great experience, which will ultimately help grow your business.

Some of The Brands Who Trust Us

Need WordPress Help?

We Have You Covered

Providing customer focused and reliable WordPress support and management services, ranging from daily cloud backups, around the clock security monitoring, site updates, site optimization, custom development, and managed hosting, Series 5 Technology takes the burden of managing your website off your hands.

We know how hard it is to keep track of your website while you are trying to run your business. Many firms provide great services, but don’t focus on providing technical support or emergency response when issues happen or your website goes down. Our passion is to be your technical partner, whether you are a business owner with a single WordPress website, a freelancer, or an agency.

We support and manage your website so you can focus on running your business.