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Have you ever said to yourself

I am not happy with my website.

You are not alone. There are hundreds of millions of websites now, and millions of people making them. But not all websites are equal. Many people I talked to tell me they have a website, but they aren’t happy with it. When i asked them why, I usually get one of 3 answers:


I don’t like the way it looks.

The people who tell me this are usually talking about their website colors, layout, and/or images. Trends change all the time, and people don’t want to visit a website that looks old and outdated.

I don’t think my website has brought me any leads or customers.

A website should be a revenue generator for your business. As a business, your website is your digital storefront and should be a place where visitors can become customers.


My website doesn’t look good on mobile phones.

Did you know Google now penalizes websites that are not optimized for mobile devices. Over 70% of all internet traffic now happens on mobile devices.


If you answered yes to any of those statements when it comes to your website, your in luck. We offer a free website audit. We look at the overall appearance and functionality of your website, as well as the search engine friendliness and site performance.

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Internet traffic is a staple of the American business model and Series 5 Technology as my web designer has delivered exceptional results driving an increase of more than 20% in less than one year. Their attention to detail, developing the shopping cart, ensuring the website is mobile compatible and finally have the site live in less than two weeks is nothing short of phenomenal.

~Mike Birky, Cactus Creek Coffee

Exceptional vision and execution. Shawn did an excellent job understanding my needs in a website and bringing that vision to life in; even in ways I hadn’t considered before.

~Christian Larsen, elevAtion App Consulting

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