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We provide off-site cloud backups that take incremental backups of your website data at least daily. For sites on our Pro Plan, we backup your site every 12 hours.

Every night, fully-automated backs of your site are made including all the changes made to your site. These backups are stored remotely in the Amazon cloud, one of the most trusted data storage platforms in the world today. For customers in Europe, we can have your website backups stored in EU servers for GDPR compliance. We have a on-demand restore process that ensures we can restore your website if ever the need should arise.

Keeping Your Website Backed Up

Here’s how we keep your site backed up so you can focus on running your business.


Fully Automated

We schedule automated backups during your low traffic hours. This ensures the success of each backup while keeping your site accessible to visitors. 

1-Click Restore

Backup frustrations? Not any more. We can easily restore your website from a backup with 1-click if the need every arises. 

Multiple Times Per Day

We have the ability to backup your site multiple times per day to ensure everything is saved and available if needed. **Pro Plan Only**


Weekly Reports

We provide weekly reports on backups, updates, security, uptime, and performance so you know exactly what’s going on with your WordPress site.

Back Up Everything

We backup both your WordPress database and site files at least daily depending on your plan. If you have certain files you don’t want us to backup, just let us know which files get backed up, and which don’t.

Amazon Cloud

Amazon Cloud is one of the most trusted and secure cloud storage providers today. Your data stays safe, secure, and available in a moments notice. You can also choose whether your data is stored in US or EU data centers.

"I have chosen Series 5 Technology to build, maintain, my website, and when we need to, will update with new features to maximize my customer traffic. I have the highest regard in the professionalism and creativity in Series 5 Technology and highly recommend them. "

– Mike Birky

Why Keep Your Website Backed Up?


 As great as technology is, it always has the potential to fail. From software updates that go wrong, hackers taking your website down, or your hosting company having technical issues, backups are needed to get your website back to normal operations as soon as possible. 

There are many reasons why backups are crucial for your business. Security issues, human error, and bad updates to name a few.

Even if your hosting provider offers backups, or if you have a great plugin that is creating regular backups, most of the time those are stored on your web hosting server. If anything happens to that server, your backups are lost. Our process of fully-automated backups that are stored remotely ensure that if anything happens to your website hosting, those backups are still available and you will be back up and running in a short time. Not having those backups will cost you time and money.

Let us be your smart choice for WordPress website backups. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions? We got answers.

How often do you backup my website?

We do backups of your website at least daily. Generally that is at night, when most websites have low traffic. This ensures the backups are successful with little or no impact to website visitors.

Does it matter which web hosting provider I use?

We will work with anyone regardless of who their hosting provider is. We understand that different websites have different needs and people also have budgets to consider when choosing their web host.

If you’re looking to a great managed hosting provider, we offer that as well. You can learn more about that on our managed hosting page.

Where do you keep my website backups?

All website backups are stored remotely in Amazons Cloud Storage. Depending on your geography, you can select to have that data stored in either a US or EU data center. This ensures our data backup processes are GDPR compliant.

How do we contact you for support?

We provide several ways for you to contact us. You can always send an email at any time to [email protected]. From within your WordPress website, you will see our Series 5 Technology Dashboard Widget installed on your dashboard. Click on the Submit Ticket button for assistance.

Because most of our staff is remote, so it makes more sense to have our customer support though email / ticketing systems. Even though we don’t have phone support at this time, we make customer service one of our highest priorities, meaning our response times for questions and issues is fast, effective, and friendly!

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Providing customer focused and reliable WordPress support and management services, ranging from daily cloud backups, around the clock security monitoring, site updates, site optimization, custom development, and managed hosting, Series 5 Technology takes the burden of managing your website off your hands.

We know how hard it is to keep track of your website while you are trying to run your business. Many firms provide great services, but don’t focus on providing technical support or emergency response when issues happen or your website goes down. Our passion is to be your technical partner, whether you are a business owner with a single WordPress website, a freelancer, or an agency.

We support and manage your website so you can focus on running your business.